Sarsaparilla Tonic

Sarsaparilla Tonic
Taste the Goodness of our premium Sarsaparilla - full of memories, goodness & the wonderful taste of a time gone by when drinks tasted so much better.
  • Sarsaparilla Root - adrenal support & immunity booster
  • Panax Korean Ginseng - for mental function & stamina
  • Liquorice - assists adrenal fatigue; anti-inflammatory
  • Brown Pears - natural sweetness without the need for added sugar or food colouring

Sarsaparilla Root and Ginseng makes the perfect natural pickme-up throughout the day, it’s our take on a ‘double Sars’ that will make you feel healthy and liven you up.

Dilute 20mls tonic with 80mls (1:4 or to taste) sparkling water or as a hot toddy, 1-3 times a day

Gluten free, suitable for Coeliacs, Diabetic & Vegans.

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